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How do you hack an Instagram account? If you've been wondering how to do this then you've come to the right place. Our Instagram hack will break into your lost Instagram account with ease, or maybe you need to get into someone else's profile, Instahackgram will do that too. Our program/app will get your Instagram password back which will let you get back into your account.

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Some simple Instagram hacks you can use

👤 🕔 June 4, 2016 0

One of the best ways to get more followers is to follow other people on Instagram with similar interests to you.  Don’t forget to comment on photos as well and make good use of hashtags. Watch the video to get more Instagram hacks that will help you grow your account right now!

Version 2.5.0 – Bug fixes & Speed Increases

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

We noticed a small bug that has been slowing down the whole process on all platforms Instahackgram runs on.  We have removed this bug and cleaned up the code so everything runs more quickly without any hiccups.

Version 2.3.2 – Windows Hotfix

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

A small update for Windows users.  Download it from the home page.

Version 2.2.0 – Unfilter Instagram Photos

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

Another request made by many users on our forum is to be able to download photos without a filter applied to them.  Now you can remove the filters applied to your photos in Instagram and download all the pictures you want without any filters at all.  This took the most time and effort because we basically had to reverse the process through the software instead of fetching it from the servers.  The outcome was worth it because all the photos we have tested it on look exactly like the original unfiltered photo.

In this update iPhone users also get a GUI update.

Version 2.0.9 – Download Instagram Videos

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

Now you can download Instagram videos in this version of Instahackgram.  This feature has been requested by many users and we are proud to be able to release it.  iOS & Android users Instahackgram App has also been updated to fix a few bugs.

Version 1.3.1 – How to Hack an Instagram Account

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

We’ve gotten a lot of question on how to hack someones Instagram without using the software we provide.  So to help the community we have released a small guide on our forums which will help you with the basics of getting started if you prefer to learn how from scratch.

Some iPhone users on older version of iOS were experiencing freezing issues, In this version we have fixed this.  The Android App also receives an update in this release dealing with a few small bugs.  The windows software of Instahackgram also gets a speed increase, now the whole process should take a minute or less.

Version 1.2.9 – Android App Released

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

Now Android users can hack Instagram accounts with the App that we have developed.  Windows users also get an updated interface to make navigating easier.  We have also patched a few small bugs in the program, most of these bugs were only experienced by certain users on older operating systems.  You can download the updated version and the Android App on the front page of the site.

Version 1.0.2 – Hotfix for iPhone Instagram App

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

iPhone users were hacking a problem when trying to hack an Instagram account.  It would hang up and random times when accessing user’s Instagram accounts.  To get the updated version download it from links provided on the homepage.

Version 1.0.0 – Our Instagram Hacker finally released to the Pubic

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

Finally it’s here!  We have taken the steps necessary to make sure this version of Instahackgram much more user friendly.  The console are only displays information that is only useful to the user, you can also view the progress of the Instagram hack at work.  We will continue to do further testing on how many people can connect at one time so you may notice some delays or hangups while using the program.  If you notice that Instahackgram has stopped responding or hangs up somewhere, close the program and restart it, then run it again.  In our next release we will be patching a problem that iPhone users have with the App.

Beta Release 0.8.9 – Instagram Hack up and Running

👤 🕔 May 8, 2014 0

The beta release of instahackgram has been released only to a few people that have been active in our forums.  After the beta test is done we will be releasing a public version of our instagram hacker.  Beta testers will be given much more information in the console area which will help us in identifying any problems that may arise in the program.  Hacking Instagram accounts requires server access so we will slowly introduce more individuals to beta test, this will help us fine tune how much requests we can make at one given time.